Thursday, March 31, 2011

Assembly Passed Budget on Wednesday?

Even though the New York State Assembly finished passing its budget bills on Thursday morning, which means they passed an on-time budget, Speaker Sheldon Silver is acting like they passed an early budget on Wednesday.
In a press release he congratulated "Governor Cuomo on the completion of the Administration’s first budget, the result of which is the enactment of the first "early" state budget since 1983."
According to the state's public information website, Silver's version of events is actually correct. The site (incorrectly) declares that budget bills (SB 2801 and AB 4008) were passed and delivered to the governor on Wednesday.
Apparently the Assembly Majority isn't completely on the same page though, with spokesman Michael Whyland, contending that the change in date was simply a routine computer glitch. He added emphatically that it was not done so that the Assembly could claim they passed an on-time budget. He made this statement about 13 hours after he sent out the press release declaring an "early" budget.

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