Friday, March 25, 2011

LaValle Wants Nuclear Disaster Plan

In the wake of recent concerns about nuclear safety, both abroad and in New York, Republican Senator Ken LaValle has introduced a bill (SB 4258) that would authorize the state Emergency Management Office to undertake a review of existing disaster plans for nuclear power plants in New York and then develop site specific disaster preparedness plans.
LaValle's bill argues that the threat to the nuclear power plants is greater than ever before, with a clear probability that nuclear power plants could be subject to a terrorist attack or damage from natural disaster. His memo alleges that existing disaster plans are not adequate, as they fail to prepare for a terrorist attack.
Strangely enough, though, this bill doesn't seem to focus on seismic risk, which was the danger that Cuomo's stressed during a recent press conference.
This proposal has been floated by LaValle in the past, but with no progress. The same is true in the Assembly, where the bill has been carried by Assembly Member Fred Thiele.

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