Monday, March 14, 2011

Political Hypocrisy

As the Senate Democrats are constantly (and rightly) pointing out the failure of the Senate Republicans to pass the redistricting reform they pledged to accomplish during the last election cycle, lets take a look back at redistricting reform in the Senate when Democrats controlled the chamber.
Specifically, let's look at the version of the pledge that failed two years in a row to even achieve a chamber vote in the Senate when Democrats were the majority.
Sponsored by Sen. David Valesky, the legislation (SB 1614) never even received a committee meeting in 2009.
Then in 2010, after some amendments, which included removing the Court of Appeals from the process if the Legislature kept refusing the commissions proposal, the bill finally got a committee vote. (Important to note that the Gianaris proposal in the Senate now, does include the modified language that ensures the Legislature gets the last say on the redistricting process)
In a Senate Investigations & Government Operations meeting in 2010, the bill was not well received by Republicans and was opposed by Ruben Diaz.
The proposal was then amended again, by which time it now had the support of Republicans John Bonacic and Cathryn Young, who had already supported the measure. Changes included tweaks to the nominating commission.
The bill then had its day in the Senate Elections Committee, where it was reported to Senate Finance and never heard from again.
The Senate Democrats has continuously chosen to not explain these failed opportunities, as was captured in a sad press conference when Minority Leader John Sampson refused to address the past. But now it appears they remember a different version of the past, with the self-righteous way they're sticking it to the Republicans.
But yeah, their allegations about broken promises are completely correct.

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