Friday, March 18, 2011

Cuomo to the People on the Budget

This is the contents of a message that Gov. Andrew Cuomo submitted to people who subscribe to his news updates:
On February 1, Governor Cuomo submitted a budget proposal that will reform state government, reduce burdens on taxpayers, and reinvigorate our economy. This week, the Senate and the Assembly each put forward their own modifications to the budget, in accordance with state statute. Now, the process of reconciling the plans from the Governor and the two houses of the Legislature begins.

To facilitate that process, on Thursday the Governor held his first leaders meeting with the two Democratic and two Republican leaders of the Senate and the Assembly. Click here to see a video of the Governor speaking about their collaboration.

Over the next two weeks leading up to the budget deadline, Governor Cuomo will work diligently to negotiate a final budget proposal that delivers a more effective and efficient government for the people of New York State.

Remember to visit Governor Cuomo on Facebook, where you can post your thoughts and ideas about the budget and receive regular updates on the actions of the Governor.

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