Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chance of Marriage 4? Ball Edition

The fighting 40th senate district has new representation this year with Republican Senator Greg Ball in the seat vacated by Republican Vince Leibell, but it seems like same-sex marriage still has the same chances. Leibell stood in opposition with his fellow Republicans in 2009 when same-sex marriage came up for a vote and Ball opposed the measure in the Assembly.
While this would seem to make Ball's vote in the Senate seem pretty cut and dry, the senator has a mixed record of support for gay rights issues. He has constantly received support form the Log Cabin Republicans, the gay arm of the GOP, in 2009 he opposed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and in the fall of 2010 condemned the comments of GOP candidate Carl Paladino for comments he made about gay couples.
Unfortunately for proponents of gay marriage, though, these positive positions are unlikely to equal a vote in favor of their proposal in the senate if and when it comes up for a vote.
With Ball's likely no vote, the canceled out flips of Zeldin and Avella, and the uncertainty now in Carl Kruger's soon-to-be former seat, gay marriage seems to have gained no ground.
Stay tuned for more editions of Chance of Marriage...

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