Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bullet Control from Sen. Smith

In the vein of a joke from Chris Rock, Democratic Sen. Malcolm Smith has proposed (SB 4152) a form of bullet control, which would require customers to complete an application form.
His proposed law would require people buying bullets provide their names, date of birth and address. Additionally, they would be required to note the caliber, make, model and serial number on the gun that they are purchasing bullets for.
This bill, according to its memo, is a product of the gun violence in our society. Theoretically this bill would stop those who possess illegal, unlicensed and unregistered firearms from buying bullets.
This proposal has never been popular in the New York Legislature, having not received a vote in the last 4 years and Smith's version lacking an Assembly companion. Luckily, Chris Rock's jokes live on forever.

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