Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chance of Marriage? Carlucci Edition

The passing of Republican Senator Tom Morahan made his district at play for a Democrat, which made it possible that a yes vote for same-sex marriage could emerge. With the win by Democrat (excuse me, Independent Democrat) David Carlucci in Novemeber, Morahan's no vote switched to the affirmative, as his seat is now being filled by a social progressive.
Carlucci, who was endorsed by the Empire State Pride Agenda, is the third new yes vote for same-sex marriage, joining Avella and Kennedy. If the rest of the Senate remained static, this means same-sex marriage would now have 27 votes in its favor and be only 5 away from becoming law.
Unfortunately for proponents of this future, we've already covered two yes votes that have become no votes with the victories of Zeldin and Grisanti, with one more new no vote to cover.
But there remains a handful of no votes that have since announced that they're influx, so definitely stay tuned, as we wait for a same-sex marriage to be introduced in either chamber.

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