Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recharge State Biz

The inclusion of a long-term power for jobs program, known as Recharge New York, has been included in the budget, and western Republican Senator George Maziarz believes it will be great for economic development.
As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy, Maziarz said the plan may not be the silver bullet to the state's economic woes, but it will help improve the business climate.
“After years of hard work, we have a plan to help save Upstate New York’s economy,” said Maziarz. "The current program supports several hundred businesses and a quarter million jobs—and we’re doubling its impact. This program will be demonstrate how effective a tool low-cost hydropower can be for economic development.”
The Recharge program will extend Power for Jobs until 2012, with the new plan following that. It will make 910 megawatts of cheap energy available to companies that will create and keep jobs in New York. The longer tenure of this program will allow companies to enter into seven year contracts with the state, which will provide security that has been missing in New York in the past.
Additionally, the program will reserve 100 MW for not-for-profits, such as hospitals.
“The Recharge New York program will give businesses in New York the certainty they need to make investments and create jobs," concluded Maziarz. “The year-to-year Power For Jobs extensions are over. This is a true reform, and it will also greatly augment our capability to help businesses grow.”

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