Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Onion for State Vegetable

The onion is poised to become the official state vegetable if a proposal (SB 4295) from Independent Democratic Senator David Carlucci becomes law.
His bill argues that onions are "one of the most important vegetable crops in New York." It goes on to elaborate about the principle type of onion, notes the preferred soil and mentions the high costs of producing onions compared to other vegetables.
This bill currently doesn't have a companion in the Assembly, but if it does, hopefully its bill memo won't be littered with as many spelling mistakes (keeps spelling "aye" instead of "are" and writes "muck" instead of "much"). It is enough to make a person cry, or maybe that's the state's new vegetable...
(Editor's Note: All spelling mistakes were noticed on Monday and hopefully have been fixed)

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