Monday, March 21, 2011

School Administrator Salary Cap Dies

A proposal to cap the pay of school administrators has officially died in the state Senate, as it was relegated last week to the back burner so that the legislature can focus on a salary cap on school superintendents.
Introduced by Republican Charles Fuschillo shortly before he introduced Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to limit pay for school superintendents, the cap (SB 3624) had its enacting clause stricken last week and is basically dead.
A spokesman for Fuschillo said the decision to kill the senator's bill was prompted by the Assembly's introduction of a salary cap for superintendents. With this cap now in both houses, he argued that it was more realistic, so they wanted to focus on the likely possibility. The spokesman added that superintendent cap is from Cuomo, while failing to point out that the cap on administrators had been talked about by the governor, but never formally introduced.
It will be interesting to see if this proposal is addressed after the budget process is completed or whether it will be included in the governor's final budget.

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