Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chance of Marriage? Kennedy Edition

Proponents of same-sex marriage almost certainly gained an ally for their cause when Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, was elected to succeed former state senator Bill Stachowski.
During the summer of 2010, as Kennedy was in the midst of knocking off Stachowski in the Democratic Primary, he staked out a position on same-sex marriage that was starkly contrasted with his opponent. Stachowski had voted against the measure in December of 2009 and Kennedy was able to rally support from the gay rights community by forcefully advocating the other way.
“I have always been, I am, and I will continue to be a supporter of marriage equality,” Kennedy said last summer when his gay rights credentials were in question.
That steadfast support earned him the endorsement of the powerful Empire State Pride Agenda. Interestingly, though, in announcing their support, the ESPA noted that Kennedy promised he would sponsor same-sex marriage legislation, but he hasn't done that yet.
Even with this unfulfilled promise, it seems like Kennedy is a new yes vote for same-sex marriage. With this inclusion we're about even from the last time the vote was taken, with Avella and Kennedy representing new yes votes, while Zeldin and Grisanti represent new no votes, and Kruger's vote is in limbo.

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