Friday, April 1, 2011

GooGoo Opposes New Senate Rules (UPDATED)

The new Senate Rules passed on Monday have drawn the ire of the Brennan Center for Justice, which published a blog post lambasting the Senate Majority's actions.
They note that the rules were passed "without notice, discussion, or explanation," in what was likely an effort to ensure greater control of the chamber as they prepare to pass their budget.
According to the Brennan Center, the resolution will do three thing:

1) Increase the membership of the Finance Committee and the Rules Committee with members from the majority party;

2) In the event of an excused absence from a meeting, allow for a member to fill in for a Senator on the Finance Committee and Rules Committee; and

3) Allow budget bills from the Finance Committee to bypass the Rules Committee and go straight to the third calendar reading.

Barbara Bartoletti has voiced serious concerns about the rules adopted by the Senate and the manner in which they were passed.
She said it was "very troubling" that they were passed without 48 hours notices. The changes, she argues, are not reflective of the slim majority the Republicans have and contended that it gives them too much control of the chamber. "Proportionality is not in effect," Bartoletti said.

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