Monday, April 4, 2011

Next for the Legislature

Like the day god rested after creating man, the New York State Legislature took Friday off after passing the budget, but legislative leaders claim they have a lot left to accomplish.
One of those things is the millionaire's tax, which was left out of the budget and is likely to become an issue for Speaker Sheldon Sillver, D-Manhattan. Shortly after the budget was completed he announced, "Although “the millionaire’s tax” was not included in the final budget agreement, we will continue our efforts to convince our partners that it was and is the right thing to do at this time."
In a video statement, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Rockville Centre, promised that from the momentum of the budget passing the government would deliver on a property tax cap and mandate relief.
Notable proposals that are currently scheduled to be addressed in the committee process on the following week include...
- SB 2212, from Republican Senator Marty Golden, which would increase the maximum income eligibility levels for real property tax exemptions for seniors.
- Ken Adams may finally move through the committee process in his quest to become head of the Empire State Development Corporation. He starts at 9 a.m. in Senate Corporations, Authorities and Commissions before ultimately ending up in Senate Finance, with the nomination of former Senator Darrel Aubertine (as head of farming?).
- The Assembly Higher Ed Committee will consider a AB 6801 from chairwoman Deb Glick, which deals with purchasing of goods for SUNY (and that's all I know because there was no bill memo on Thursday night).
- SB 6536, from Democratic Assemblyman Pete Abbate, will be addressed in Government Employees Committee. His proposal prohibits public employers from diminishing the health insurance benefits and contributions of retired public employees.
- IDC leader Jeff Klein will have SB 3838, which provides for free or reduced price passes to horse racing in an attempt to increase attendance. This proposal will be heard in Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering.

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