Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Labor Leader on Future Contracts

There won't be a new tier and unions are unlikely to make $450 million in concessions during ongoing labor negotiations, according to CSEA President Danny Donohue.
A sixth tier was the central piece of the Mandate Relief Team's recommendations, but Donohue characterized it as a non-starter, which wouldn't address real problems in the state. A spokesman for CSEA added that it's not a matter of negotiation for them and Donohue concluded that new tiers are a waste of time. He said, "At this rate we'll ahve Tier 39 and we're not going to get anywhere."
Regarding contract negotiations for stateworkers whose contracts expired on April 1st, Donohue said they're willing to work with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but said they might not be able to realize the savings he wanted. "We're trying to make the governor aware that we're willing to work with him. We have to give on this, but we also recognize we may not be able to give $450 million," Doonhue said. "If you're looking to get $450 million from CSEA that might not happen."
The governor has said that if he can't get the savings he wants, then up to 9,800 workers might get laid off. Donohue suggested that the governor's proposed threat is terrifying, but could just be a negotiating ploy. He concluded, "We'll come to the table and we'll do what we have to.... but we may not be able to get to the governor's number."

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