Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We (don't?) Need a Hero

"New York doesn't need a Superman," said Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, R-Glenville. "It needs a Solomon. We had a governor who thought he was the Man of Steel and would steamroll anyone who got in his way (a reference to Gov. Elliot Spitzer)."
Tedisco said that Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to be wise enough to understand when to pick his fights, but also be reasonable enough to use persuasion.
In addition to a Solomon, though, Tedisco said Cuomo could use Teddy Roosevelt's big stick. "That big stick is the support of his agenda by the voters and taxpayers of New York State," he said.
Even with his legislative stick, Tedisco said that Gov. Solomon will need to serve as an addiction counselor to a Democratic Conference that is addicted to taxing and spending.
“His real challenge is to ween them off their addiction of taxing and spending. That has been the challenge for all of the [recent] governors," said Tedisco.
No word yet if the Comptroller's office needs a Green Lantern or whether Eric Schneiderman should be replaced by King David.

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