Friday, January 14, 2011

Amedore Ranked

Local Assemblyman George Amedore, R-Rotterdam, has been named the Ranking Member on the Assembly Energy Committee, in addition to assignments on the Assembly Agriculture, Insurance, and Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committees.
Amedore said he was chosen for the Energy Committee because Minority Leader Brian Kolb recognized the causes he has been fighting for and is aware of his vision to utilize energy policy for the state's turnaround.
“New energy development is going to be a vital contribution to our economy as we move forward,” said Amedore. “Alternative energy technologies bring high-tech, well-paying jobs and are the next boom for New York State and the nation. If we can learn to harness this new wave and effectively translate that into the private sector growth, New York can once again be the leader among other states in alternative energy jobs, research, development and efficiency.”
On the prospect of working with Democratic Committee Chair Kevin Cahill, Amedore said there are areas where they agree and areas where they respectfully disagree. "He and I have a friendship established over the last 36 months and I'm optimistic about working with him," said Amedore.
Amedore did not comment on, and I didn't ask him, whether he looks forward to constantly saying "Minority in the Negative" over and over again as the Ranker on Energy.

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