Saturday, January 29, 2011

Restrooms for the Public!

Tired of stores refusing to offer access to their restrooms? Well in the New York envisioned by Assemblyman Steven Englebright (and the parents of small children everywhere), businesses would not be allowed to deny the public access to the restroom designated for paying customers only.
Englebright has reintroduced (AB 3768), an old failure from the past that has never had a senate companion or advanced out of the Economic Development Committee.
What's really interesting about the proposal is that the memorandum for the bill doesn't lay out a justification. That section on the memo just lays out the summary of provisions, probably because the justification would simply revolve around the needs of small children and senior citizens.
If businesses choose to not comply with this provision (if somehow it became law), they would have to pay $500 per denial.
And who says New York is hostile to businesses? Oh yeah, anyone who knows about Assemblyman Englebright.

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