Friday, January 21, 2011

Cox Rains on GE/Obama Parade

New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox released a statement today in response to President Barack Obama's visit to the GE plant in Schenectady, in which he said the president put on a publicity stunt.
Cox alleges that the president has no reason to take any credit for the GE deal with India that served as the backdrop for the visit. "It wasn't President Obama's deal. GE's record of innovation, its quality products and American workers made this deal possible," said Cox.
Additionally, the chairman said that reckless spending, regulations and photo ops don't create jobs.
He also lambasted the president for not mentioning the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts (because obviously this was the right time to do that?).
Regarding the new Jobs Council that the president created, which will be led by GE CEO and Chairman Jeff Immelt, Cox said it was just like all the other commissions the president had created.
"This commission, like the more than a dozen other councils and commissions he has created during his administration, is a publicity stunt meant to divert attention from his lavish spending policies and a failure to create an environment where businesses can grow."
On the whole, this statement from Cox seems to have the timeliness and meaning of Sarah Palin's erratic webcast last Wednesday.

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