Monday, January 10, 2011

New Personnel and Priorities for NYS Bar

New York State Bar Association has a hired a new director of Media Services & Public Affairs and laid out their legislative priorities for the 2011 session.
Regarding the latter, the NYSBA called on lawmakers to provide greater access to the justice system for the indigent, to ensure that marriage equality is afforded to same-sex couples, and to reform government ethics.
"A core mission of the State Bar Association is to provide a voice for members of the legal profession and for the public," said President Stephen P. Younger. "Whether it is advocating for effective counsel for indigent New Yorkers or seeking equal legal rights for all citizens, we are committed to enhancing citizens' trust and confidence in our justice system and government institutions. We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature to ensure that every New Yorker has full and equal access to the justice system."
Regarding the hiring change,Lise Bang-Jensen is now responsible for managing the Department of Media Services and Public Affairs and advancing the Bar Association's objectives.
Prior to joining the State Bar, Bang-Jensen served as senior policy analyst and communications manager for the Empire Center for New York State Policy. She co-hosted "Inside Albany" for 19 years after serving as a Capitol reporter for the Knickerbocker News.
(On a personal note, Lise was very helpful with the first big article I put together at the Daily Gazette.)

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