Sunday, January 30, 2011

Senate Tax Cap Supported by Unshackle Upstate

The New York State Senate introduced a tax cap bill on Saturday (which they back dated for Friday so they could pass it on Monday) at the behest of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
While many fiscally conservative groups have come out in support of this idea, UnShackle Upstate is the first organization to endorse the actual proposal.
The group implores New Yorkers to encourage their state senator to vote for the bill, which they characterized as a "loud and clear response" to the state's heavy tax burden.
As evidence of the proposal's merit the group lists a series of points in its favor:
- 48 states have some form of limits on property taxes
- Our neighbor Massachusetts demonstrates Property Tax Cap success:
- Property tax burden has dropped from #3 to #33 in the nation
- State funding for local schools has stayed strong -- #5 to 7 in the nation
- Student achievement among the highest in the nation
- Funding less stable in lower-income cities without diverse tax bases

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