Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Yorkers Endorse Cuomo's Agenda

On Tuesday the Siena Research Institute released a poll that surveyed New Yorkers on a variety of issues supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
His most popular position is closing the $10 billion budget deficit without borrowing money or raising taxes, with 87 percent of those polled in his corner. One can only imagine how well other imaginary positions would have polled, like a Championship for the Knicks...
Luckily the poll avoided the hard question New YOrkers don't want to face, which is whether they support cutting services to close the budget deficit. I'm guessing people wouldn't endorse that one with the same tenacity as their support for impossible positions.
Here is a list of the other issues that were raised and the results (you need to actually click on it to see the numbers. Whoops!):

To the poll's credit, though, it does ask voters how likely it is that the government will realize Cuomo's agenda.
Most likely because of the GOP controlled Senate and Cuomo's fiscal conservatism, 68 percent of New Yorkers believe the state will become more business friendly. What that really means is that people think there won't be new regulations, fees or taxes on business, but I digress.
The property tax cap is also viewed as a real possibility, with 60 percent of voters believing in its likelihood. It stands to reason that the other 40 percent have met the New York State Assembly.
The big issue, of new taxes to close the budget deficit, is one that New Yorkers oppose, but believe will happen. Only 43 percent of voters believe that there will be no new tax increases in the budget, compared to 38 percent thinking taxes are likely going to be raised and 19 percent believing with certainty that there will be tax hikes.
Oddly enough 51 percent of voters believed that nonpartisan redistricting is likely to become law, which makes me believe that 51 percent of people polled don't know what the word "self-interest" means.

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