Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silver's Quid Pro Quo

Speaker Sheldon Silver appears to have named his price on the Senate's tax cap, with the Assembly's passage of the rent control legislation on Monday.
The varying goals of the two chambers were laid out at the beginning of the week, according to Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, R-Glenville. He argued that the tax cap will probably only make it through the Assembly if the Senate acts on rent control legislation.
"Our house didn't pass a property tax cap," said Tedisco. "We passed a rent control bill."
Shortly after the rent control bill was passed, Silver introduced a copy of the tax cap bill. This came after a weekend of ambiguity surrounding the tax cap's future in the Assembly, with its passage almost a guarantee in the Senate (as evident by its easy passage on Monday).
Tedisco contended that Silver was making a very overt gesture to the senate, which was that he will move the tax cap after rent control makes it through the senate. "I think they are tied together," he said.
Going forward it will be interesting to see if the two chambers continue to negotiate this way, especially with the budget, which doesn't seem to offer a lot of wiggle room.

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