Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Indy Dems Show Savings

On Valentine's Day the Independent Democratic Conference unveiled there new press conference room and plans to alleviate the budgetary burdens on local districts during these tough economic times.
Regarding the former development, the senators promised that the very cramped room, which uncomfortably held a dozen people, would soon be displaying more photographs. They didn't announce any future plans to make the room larger enough to hold all four of the senators that make up the IDC, as they were only three strong on Monday, with Sen. Diane Savino healing from an emergency appendectomy.
Oh yeah, then they offered mandate reliefs and cost saving ideas. Two interesting perspectives were offered by Sen. Jeff Klein during a Q&A after their prepared remarks. Klein said that the 2% tax cap would bring people to the negotiation table to make concessions. The second statement was his prediction that he couldn't envision this legislature passing an amendment to the Triborough amendment.

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