Monday, February 14, 2011

Gillibrand Speaks Savings

President Barack Obama has release his budget for the next fiscal year, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand characterized it as a good opening move in a long journey.
“While I don’t agree with every aspect of his plan, the President’s budget provides a good place to start the conversation," she said. "In the coming weeks, I hope we have a respectful debate about how to solve our long term budget problems, and fund critical priorities like our security and job creation.”
Some of her objections to the budget stemmed from the burden it placed on senior citizens, who already can't pay their energy costs, argued Gillibrand.
She added, "There are a number of additional proposals that I am advocating for that would reduce waste, fraud and abuse, and allow us to keep critical services, such as emergency heating assistance."
Regardless of how the budget process continues, Gillibrand said the current dynamic can't be allowed to continue because it is not sustainable. She said that cuts need to be made with the goal of significantly reducing the budget deficit. "But the cuts must be responsible and preserve security funding and critical investments in small businesses and economic development," concluded Gillibrand.

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